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Hi, Ndewo, Ni Hao, Hola, Bonjour, Ciao! My name is Joy Iromuanya and I’m the face behind, “Travel the World with Joy.” If you’re like me, you love to experience different cultures, new foods, the outdoors and you’re game for experiences outside of your comfort zone.

We’re all juggling busy lives, but you can make travel a priority if you’re willing to plan and execute. That’s something I’m used to doing, as a Master at Arms, Petty Officer Second Class in the United States Navy and Delta flight attendant. I started this website to share the world of travel with you and to give you resources to help you explore the next place on your list.


My family, milk chocolate, traveling, range days. old fashioned cocktails, Jared Leto, the color black, Husker Saturdays, aviation, James Arthur’s Pandora station, hot yoga, lash extensions.


Discrimination, not knowing how to swim, self-doubt, fuckboys, gun violence, overuse injuries, flying, hearing loss, E-7’s, depression, not being able to speak lgbo.



I’m on a mission to empower my audience with knowledge about travel that inspires them to break through their self-limiting beliefs and embrace their journey of self-discovery and new cultures. My hope is that I can make your travel experience (whether you’re a first-time traveler or a seasoned veteran) a little easier, and you get inspired here to visit a place that was never on your radar to begin with.


-Travel with Joy

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